Sims 3 FREEBIES Soon!

Posted by kb on July 20th, 2013 . Filed under: Fun, Games .

I can’t believe I’m playing Sims 3 again. YES! Well, thanks to the new desktop we bought days ago, I was able to run Sims 3 + some expansion packs smoothly (unlike when I  play the game on my netbook).  I added University Life to my expansion packs because in Sims 2, it’s my favorite EP. I am so glad EA decided to make UNI LIFE possible for Sims 3.

And now, may I present Anna Hemingway.

Did I mention how I love UNI LIFE? Anyway, if your sim is Young Adult, you can enroll them in University via your SMARTPHONE (oh yes friends, your sims have smartphones now!) or use a laptop to do it. From there you will now be transported to the UNI WORLD where you are to choose which DORM your sim will rent.

Despite her Workaholic nature, Anna was able to make friends during her first few days of College.

I really love this part of the game play. You can now witness your sim attending their class. There are two classes where you can see them and one you can’t. See how amazing this expansion pack is?

Another nice feature here in UNI LIFE is the ability of your sim to gain skills using her/his SMARTPHONE by BLOGGING, texting or sharing some photos. Sounds familiar? :]

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Anyway, because of this recent development, I may now be able build more houses and share it here on my blog. Hurrah! I will definitely make it possible since the game play is so smooth now!

5 Responses to Sims 3 FREEBIES Soon!

  1. Grace

    My fave Sims 3 EP are Seasons and University Life. Ewan ko ba hindi ko makuha tamang installer. Successfully installed Sims 3 plus some expansions (Seasons + Pets + Generations) but when trying to add Uni, nasisisra na. :(

  2. Salmonpastel

    I never had a chance to play anything like this. Oh wait, I think I had on my phone before but I got bored so I deleted it.

  3. kb

    Try mo Grace mag download sa games4theworld. Lahat ha, including base game. Kasi eversince sakanila lahat ininstall ko, naging okay na. No crashing whatsoever. Also, kung may mods ka na naka-install sa package folder mo, make sure na updated yun along with your base game version. ;] Lemme know if you need help.

  4. Grace

    Hi ate, is there a specific ba na expansion pack na uunahin kong i-install? like parang sunod sunod.

  5. kb

    Hmm hindi naman ata. Pero ginawa ko yan. Sims 3 – Late Night – Uni Life. Mag iinstall ako ng Generations and Island Paradise next week. Sana no errors. ;]

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