My Thoughts: Cherry Mobile Flare

Posted by kb on June 23rd, 2013 . Filed under: Android, Gadgets, Photoblog, Technology and Stuff .

So my sister finally got what she wanted for her birthday last 29th —- a Cherry Mobile Flare. If you ask me, I WANT ONE TOO!

I know I should be content with iPhone right now, but I fell in love with that phone ever since it was released. There are other CM phones out there that are more powerful than Flare (ex. The new Blaze 2.0), but that’s a different story.

Blaze 2.0 is a nice phone for a Quadcore and has tag price of PHP9,000K+. But think about it, Cherry Mobile is known for offering affordable phones and with their constant releases of smartphones along with the upgrade of prices, there are times now that you have to think twice about it. Still, I’m loving Cherry Mobile more and more. ♥

ANYWAY, back to FLARE. So! You all probably know the specs of Cherry Mobile Flare. Flare runs on Android ICS, sports a 4-inch capacitive screen, 1.2GHZ Dual-Core Processor Snapdragon S4, 512MB RAM, Dual-SIM, 5MP camera with autofocus and flash, VGA front camera, 4GB internal memory, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, 1600mAH.

What my sister and I didn’t like about is the audio when it’s on speaker mode. It’s not that loud enough to be heard. Our solution to that? We downloaded an app that improves the audio speaker greatly (Music Volume app).

Also, we noticed a slight lag after using a hardcore game app or just an app that uses large memory. And being the slight OCD in me, I took the liberty to count how many seconds to wait for the homescreen to appear after closing the app — 3-5 secs. HAHA.

For those of you asking, yes, you can play DEAD TRIGGER, AVABEL (MMORPG), IRUNA ONLINE (MMORPG), FRUIT NINJA, TEMPLE RUN 2. We were a bit disappointed that ARMED HEROES (MMORPG) crashes every time we try to load it.

As for the battery, with that low number for a smartphone, I suggest not running so many apps at a time if you want it to last for the day. Also, like what many smartphone users do, decrease the brightness of your screen, turn off your GPS and your WIFI if not in use. My sister’s FLARE has to be recharged twice everyday because of her constant use of apps.

Oh, and lookie here!! I LOVE my sister’s casing for her Cherry Mobile Flare. Aztec!

Not bad for a PHP3999 price, yes?

Note: Sorry for the picture quality, I just used my 3GS.

8 Responses to My Thoughts: Cherry Mobile Flare

  1. Mei

    Actually nagdalawang isip ako sa CM kasi locally made sya. But because of the reviews, and the experience from bloggers I know I said yes to my brother who wants one. So ayun, binilhan ko sya. Di ko pa sya nagagamit ng matagalan, pero I think okay talaga sya for its price. Even the camera’s good. May autofocus and flash pa. At ang ganda ng resolution.

  2. kb

    Okay talaga siya. Basta the phone lives up to my expectations, okay na. Cherry Mobile lang ata ang nagandahan akong Local gadget dito sa’tin. :) Looking forward for more of their smartphones and tablets. 😀

  3. Grace

    Saw it already sa ka officemate ko, so far okay naman sya. Maganda kasi parang mamahalin sya parang 10k+ ang price. It’s a good phone but if gamer, much better to buy smartphones, hehe!

  4. kb

    Okay naman din siya for games. Even some hardcore games. :) Pero you’re right, for gamers, this is not an option. Much better yung mga Quadcore talaga. 😀

  5. Ania

    Hello Karen!
    I found your blog while looking for something else entirely, and I really like it! Where are you from? I’ve never seen anything like the language in the comments :) I’m a bit of a language freak so I’m very curious. I’m from Poland by the way, and I think we have a lot in common :)

  6. kb

    Hello Ania! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’m from Philippines and our language is Tagalog. :)

  7. penda

    Looks nice but I think I’d rather get an omega HD 2 , haven’t experienced flare yet but I don’t think any CM phone can top what I experienced with the omega HD 2!

  8. Trish

    Hi po! Any idea on how to transfer photos from CM Flare phone to PC? Ano bang software dapat kelangan iinstall? I’m noob when it comes to this kasi.
    Thanks in advance!

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