App Share: Daily Cardio Workout/Daily Workouts

Posted by kb on April 17th, 2013 . Filed under: Apple, Gadgets, Health, Photoblog .

So I bought another app from iTunes. This time, it’s for my fitness. It’s only $0.99 so.. I might as well grab it. Plus, it’s full of cardio exercises that will surely help me more to get fit and lose weight. And it’s handy!

Daily Cardio Workout App

The app features 18 cardio exercises, 5-10 minutes of cardio workouts with timer, videos showing how to do each exercise, random and custom routines.

Daily Workouts App

Aside from the Cardio Workout app, there are multiple workout apps available for your abs, arms, leg and butt. I tried to search for their all in one app workout but couldn’t find it. Prolly still in the making or some sort. Found it! The full DAILY WORKOUTS app is available for FREE and PAID. You can buy the latter for $3.99 which includes 100+ exercises.

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  1. Anon

    You should try the Nike Training app! It also has a lot of work out routines for beginners to advanced and categorized by how you want the outcome to be like to be slimmer, stronger or whatever and it also has rewards whenever you finish a certain amount of time. Rewards like advices and routines from celebrity trainers and high paid trainers. You should really try it, it’s free

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