The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Victory Tour Poster

Posted by kb on February 23rd, 2013 . Filed under: Movies, News, OMG, Photoblog .

OH MY FCUKING GOD!!! I am so thrilled when I finally saw the poster! I was playing Sims 3 that time, building a dive bar for my world when someone tweeted the photo. I had to save my game pronto and checked it out for myself.

Oh Josh, err.. I mean, Peeta.

HOLY MOLY! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE TO COME OUT! 9 more months to endure my friends!


4 Responses to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Victory Tour Poster

  1. janelle

    i already saw the movie, and it’s great. thanks for sharing the movie poster for the next installment 😀

  2. Grace

    I sooo love Jennifer Lawrence, peg na peg ang body nya, specially when I saw her wearing a gym clothes parang ganon, hahaha! hayyyy. Can’t wait for this movie <3 <3 BTW ate, san ka pala nag ddl ng sims 3 mo? I'm planning to play again. Hihihihi.

  3. Karen

    I love Jennifer too! 😀
    Yung Sims 3 na-download ko lang sa torrent. Kay RELOADED. Or pwede din sa Games4theworld. :)

  4. Grace

    Hi ate, yung bang may Sims3 – “Reloaded” yun na ba yun? ang dami ko kasing nakikitang may “Reloaded”

    Thanks so much.

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