Globe Prepaid GOSAKTO Promo

Posted by kb on February 13th, 2013 . Filed under: Globe Telecomm .

Globe introduced their “biggest innovation” yesterday called, Globe Prepaid GOSAKTO. The service allows prepaid users and tattoo users to create their own promos. I repeat, this is only applicable for PREPAID USERS and TATTOO users.

To create your own promo, visit Globe’s Go Sakto Facebook App. Register your number, provide the verification code sent to your number and begin creating your own promo. You can also name your own promo. It’s that easy. ;]

By the way, if you still don’t know how many MB of surfing you need, you may want to check out Globe’s Go Sakto Data Calculator.

3 Responses to Globe Prepaid GOSAKTO Promo

  1. Mina C.

    Sadly, that’s typical here sa Pinas. =/

    BTW, I have a new blog. (Belated) Happy Heart’s! :)

  2. admin

    Oh wow new blog! What happened to the other one?

  3. Mina C.

    Oops! I was supposed to leave ^that comment on your NO PERMIT, NO EXAM BY CHED? post. Lol fail… -_-

    Yup new blog again. 😀 I deleted it na, since di ko na-renew yung domain at laki na ng gap na wala kong post.

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