My 2013 Belle de Jour Planner ♥

Posted by kb on January 21st, 2013 . Filed under: Girly, Personal, Photoblog .

Oh yeah!

My Belle de Jour Planner has finally arrived! This is my first BDJ planner. It’s so pretty!

I really want the Exclusive Matte Leather but it’s a bit expensive compared to the spiral and book bound (Okay, I lied. I’m 40 pesos short on PayPal that’s why. LOL). But I still love my spiral BDJ planner. I can easily remove the coupons and I’m more at ease when writing using a spiral notebook.

Hurrah! My BDJ lifestyle card! When you order online, it’s automatically activated.

I LOVE the back pocket at the back!

Anyway, I ordered my BDJ planner online through their official website. I paid via PayPal (THANK GOODNESS!) last January 16 and it arrived on January 19 (shipping is FREE). It’s funny because it took me three tries before I successfully placed the order. I even emailed their staff because my shipping address was not showing up. Fortunately, the BDJ people are quick to respond and very friendly. So if you want to contact them regarding their products, don’t hesitate to send in your queries through their official website: and on their Twitter account: /bdjbuzz.

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  1. Jam @icoSnap

    The BDJ planner looks so cute. And the quote has really awesome meaning. Love it!

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