My Impulsiveness Strikes Again

Posted by kb on January 17th, 2013 . Filed under: Health, Ordinary Girl, Personal, Shopping .

I can’t believe it! I know I’m not in the position right now to just buy anything I want. But, as usual, one cannot help it.

Yesterday, I decided to just visit some online websites that specializes in Philippine coupons and discounts that I’m currently subscribed to. Sometimes they offer nice discounts for shopping, travels and food. And yesterday, I just cannot let this opportunity pass away knowing that I have enough money left (right….). I know my mom needs a shoe rack for, well, obviously, our shoes. But most shoe racks we’ve seen (online and malls) are quite expensive ranging from PHP800-PHP1500. Fortunately, I visited and spotted a 77% off discounted shoe rack that’s normally priced for PHP1500 down to PHP339. Good buy? I think so, yes.

Note: Thank goodness they accept PayPal payments. In my opinion, I think online stores based in the Philippines should add PayPal as one of their payment method. IT IS SO MUCH EASIER, FASTER and CONVENIENT for both parties.

Another one was the sudden urge to buy a Belle de Jour Planner. This is my first time to buy one and frankly, I AM EXCITED to receive my planner. I read there are a lot of perks and offers of having a BDJ planner. Oh, don’t you just love them? :]

In other news, my obliques are in so much pain since yesterday. You see, I did this “Uh Oh Obliques” by Cassey workout and boy it nearly killed me. Go try it!

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  1. janelle

    impulsive din ako =/ pero para sakin, if it makes you happy then go! :)
    the bdj planner. i was planning to buy one around november last year. pero di ko na tinuloy. owning 2 planners is pretty pointless especially kung tamad magsulat like me :)

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