Lose Weight With Cassey’s JaNEWary Calendar!

Posted by kb on January 14th, 2013 . Filed under: Health, Personal .

So I started working out last October 2012 and like I said, I managed to lose weight a little and I’m quite happy about the result. However, I will not give up until I achieve my goal and that is to lose at least 20 pounds more (this is going to be a long process) and eat healthy meals for the rest of my life.

For this January, I downloaded Cassey’s JaNEWary workout calendar for FREE. What I like about her workouts is that not only you get to do cardio 4x a day, but also Pilates for toning your muscles for 2x a day. So that’s 6 days straight of working out and then rest day on Sunday. ;] Phew! Her workouts are also fun and will definitely make you want to do it more.

Check out her blog @ BLOGILATES.COM and download/print her JaNEWary calendar. :]

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  1. Honeul

    From my experience, it’s best to tone 3-4 times a week only because your muscle needs to rest too. You can still do cardio workout everyday if you want to lose weight but for strength and toning workout, let your muscle rest for a day or two otherwise you will just overwork them.

    I’m using Nike Training app for my daily workout. Most of it are just cardio and minor strength training. Maybe after 5-6 weeks, I will start doing strength training naman as maintenance. Hopefully, magawa ko na uli this year.

    Good luck sa atin dalawa!

  2. admin

    Ah, will take note of that. :]
    I hope this will work on my thick fatty thighs and arms. Sobrang laki lang ng fats sa area na yun feeling ko aabutin ako ng 1 year to lose them all.

    I downloaded that before (I think), but I got a little confused with the app. Haha! I’ll try it again.
    Right now, I’m using MyFitnessPal for my food intake tapos iJogging Lite naman for my jogging. :]

    Goodluck too!

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