Meet Little Lulu!

Posted by kb on December 9th, 2012 . Filed under: Personal, Pets, Photoblog .

Hullo! Meet the newest member of the family!

She’s a survivor, that one. Her other two siblings didn’t make it. We named her Lulu after the classic cartoon show, Little Lulu. I’m sure some of you still remember the show. ;]

Anyway, I assisted again. This time, I had to pull Lulu out because she was stuck, and Georgia (her mom) was busy with the umbilical cord. I rip the sack as soon as I got her out and wiped out the excess mucous off her mouth and nostrils. Again, it was an amazing experience. I was nervous, yes. But after that, kakaiba yung feeling.

I just hope Lulu survives. She’s so cute I want to kiss and hug her!!

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  1. Honeul

    I do, I do! It’s one of my favorite cartoon series and I miss it so much.

    Hello, Lulu! I have new puppies too, 3 na for this year. It’s sad that some of their sibs died too. Wow, pwede ka ng midwife for animals. Anyway, you’re a nurse naman so you know what you’re doing.

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