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SO. I guess some of you already know about this. Oh yes, I bet you do. :] I’m sorry if I have to make the rest of the post into private. Who knows, right?

By the way, I do not claim credit for any of this.

[hidepost=9]Most of the people at this forum that I frequent suggested to us a lower end phones as it can switch from sending a message to dialing quickly. Since I do not own a low end phone, I decided to try my luck using my iPhone. I used to register via the WEB TRICK bb Sir Richardrr, but ever since Globe made a few changes (disabling the Subscribe To Promo), I had to resort to SMS + Dial trick.

Well! It worked! In terms of portability, I say using my iPhone for the SMS + Dial trick is way faster. The WEB TRICK is by far the easiest. Just one try and you’re good to go. But for the SMS + Dial trick, it takes tries and of course your patient level.

As I’ve mentioned back there, it worked. I used my mom’s Globe sim just to test the SMS + Dial trick on my iPhone. Luckily, switching from sending a message to dialing is so easy on an iPhone. So yes, my mom’s Globe sim is now BUGGED and REGISTERED FOR A 30 DAY UNLIMITED INTERNET FREE of charge. ;]

Here’s my original post.

Thank you Sir Richard. Your SMS+Dial trick works!

Pwede naman pala gamitin yung SMS+Dial trick sa iPhone (I read kasi dapat hindi touch phone).

Add niyo lang sa FAVORITES niyo yung 4 contact numbers:

A. *143*5*6*4*2*1# [BBMAX220]
AA. *143*5*6*4*3*1# [BBMAX599]
AAA. *143*5*4*3*1# [SS999]
AAAA. *143*5*4*3*3# [SS999 STATUS]

Basta after sending the BBMAX599 to 8888, switch to your Contacts na (double click HOME button). Just make sure nasa FAVORITES tab na kayo before you even switch.

Then dial from then on. (A, AA, AAA, AAAA)

Tried it TWICE. Registered na after the second attempt. Thank you!



To end this post. I’d like to share a funny GIF that best describes what I feel about this.

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