Jogging Night x Spotted: Mcoy Fundales

Posted by kb on December 3rd, 2012 . Filed under: Fun, OMG, Ordinary Girl, Personal, Photoblog .

Went jogging again with my sister last Friday night at QC Circle. I’m glad she’s available that time. I usually jog every other night here in the Village.

Anyway, lookie what we have here!

Some of you may recognize him, some of you may not. Oh yes, that’s Mcoy of Orange and Lemons (disbanded). (I dunno who the girl is)

It’s lucky we decided to stop by at QC City Hall on the way home after jogging. That time, they were having a FREE concert there and though it wasn’t packed (est. 60 and above including foreigners), I have to say some of the indie bands that performed were good. I especially like Woodland’s reggae songs. It really got the audience dancing (including us!). Too bad I can’t find their songs on Youtube, but I’m glad I recorded a video of them playing “Minimithi”.

Next time, I’ll make sure to check out the QC Circle hashtag on Twitter for FREE concerts. HAHAHA! Just last November, they held a FREE concert there that featured some known bands in the country. :]

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