Buzzfeed ASHDREW!


“I’m comin’ in hot!” OMG. Ashley is just too hilarious!

HAHAHAHA! Okay, I just have to post these videos here for future reference.

PURE AWKWARDNESS. I hate it whenever I watch a movie or a tv show with my parents and then suddenly, BAAAAAM! a sex scene comes up! My mom would usually just lower the volume and say things to distract us. HAHAHAHA! I find it hilarious.

And finally, my favorite because it is soooo true! #ASHDREW!

12 Signs Being Ladylike Isn’t Your Forte (Video)

THIS IS SOOOOO MEEEEE! Well, except for the descriptive language.

The first time I watched this, I was like, this is made for me. HAHA! I like dresses and heels, but sometimes, they make life a bit harder. And makeups too. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes wear makeups but only mascara and gloss, but to fully put on makeup? I SUCK AT THAT.

Family of Music

So last week was my Aunt’s birthday and we all went there to eat lunch. I was surprised how grown up my younger cousin was. I think she’s like 13 years old or something? Well, if me and my other cousin knows how to play the piano, this kid knows how to play the guitar. Oh yeah~ We are indeed a family of music. We talked about her skills and if she plans to learn more about playing the guitar. She played a couple of music for us and I actually recommended her to this online shopping website I know. Who knows, she just might like some new amps like mustang ii to go with her amazing sexy guitar.

This reminds me, I need to learn this not so new song that I heard. I like it a lot. And I plan on playing it for someone. =)


So my brother already have this on his laptop, and I’m in the process of installing the game on my desktop. OMG!! I’m so excited to play this! I haven’t even started and there’s Revelations 2 already. Woot! This game series is just amazing. I played since I was in High School. I don’t know, but, I’m a woman, and I should LOVE makeups, dresses and all that jazz, but I really suck at those. I like watching wars (my favorite is Saving Private Ryan), 1st person shooter games, MMORPG. Is there something wrong with me? I hope not.

So here’s the trailer of Resident Evil: Revelations.


Overdue Get Together Post

This is long overdue. Like 2 or 3 months. Yeah, that long. It’s good to see these people again. Childhood friends are the best.

Come to think of it, if my calculations is correct, we’ve been friends for like freaking 22 years already! Ah, so many memories that’s so unforgettable, BOYS, village clubhouse, BOYS. LOL. Yeah, those were the days. I wish our other friends were there that time.

What’s interesting here is that, in our circle, no one is married yet. I knooooooow. Everyone was like asking me when will I get married since I’m the oldest in the group (well, just a year older than the others). I wonder who will get married first, and it’s definitely not me.

But Not So Much Me

Okay, just this last one. I swear, no more posting of things like this in here. It’s just funny that I found this while looking for movie gif on Tumblr.

Annnnnnddd that’s a wrap. No more. =D

Moving on, wish I can watch The Maze Runner on big screen. The series is one of my favorite and just like Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, this is a MUST WATCH and of course, MUST READ! God, I really need to get on track with my bookworm self. Sigh.

Kick Some Ass!

OMG! This is awesome! I bet you guys have seen this amazing movie starring Jack Black? The School of Rock? OH YEAH!! I love love that film! It’s one my favorite movies of all time. I am so glad they did a 10 year reunion and look at them all grown up! Just amazing!

Oh, and the bass guitar girl still looks the same! Teehee~ It’s funny she still have the short hair look. =D Oh and speaking of guitars and music, if you’re looking for a place to buy affordable ones and can ship anywhere in the world, you might want to check them out. I know they always have SALE in there so, if I were you, I’d buy now.

Now I’d like to see a reunion of LITTLE RASCALS!

New TunnelBear Interface!

Look! New TunnelBear interface! This is really nice. I like the old one, but this one is refreshing to the eyes. Yay!

Anyway, I don’t have any use for TunnelBear anymore except the movie app, Crackle. Well, the ex told me I can still use his Netflix, but, I’d rather not. LOL.

Someone Who Gives A Shit

Wow, 1 month. It’s been a month since it happened. LOL. Funny how I was like..

THIS (well, until now)

Then after weeks of thinking… into this

Haha!But that’s life, SHIT HAPPENS. It hurts, but you gotta move on, do the things that you used to do, have fun and just love yourself. Ah well, who knows..

SeptemBER: Christmas-y Feeling!

So! It’s the start of Christmas saga here in the Philippines. It’s BER time! That only mean one thing: malls are now full of Christmas decors! Ahhh, my favorite time of the month.

Just a little heads up for those of you who have furry babies back home. My friend who happens to experienced otitis externa on her dog luckily dogded a bullet of having to suffer a chronic one. It reminded me this one furry baby of mine who had one but not that severe, too. Anyway, if you’re looking for an online pharmacy store for pets (I know right! A pharmacy for pets!), best to check this out. Ah, and this includes the treatment for otitis externa for dogs which is called posatex. But I do recommend getting your furry babies for a check up first before purchasing one. Dosages are important, remember that.