Oh That Panda! ♥

Something I bought on Strapya World a few days ago for him.

Actually, I was just browsing Strapya for cute items, and wasn’t actually looking to buy something. Then this adorable Panda casing for iPhone appeared out of nowhere. LOL. I thought, man, I have to buy this one. And so the impulsive in me did it. It took me ten minutes to realized the what ifs. WHAT IF he didn’t like it? Nah, then he can just put it in the trash, whatever, no big deal.

Well, he did liked it. I’m just not too sure if he’ll ever use it. I dare not to ask him. =D

OH! The chopsticks are not included, but I guess Strapya included it as a token or something. Sweet~

Personalized Rings For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up! Just a month away, actually. Do you guys have plans for your awesome moms? Well, if you still haven’t, and want to surprise her, you might want to check out these beautifully crafted rings for

You can actually design your own mothers rings if the designs on site isn’t your style. Just choose your stones, metal and engravings and you’re good to go. In my opinion, it’s a great gift for moms having their children’s names engraved on her ring. ;]

Netflix + Tunnelbear = Perfect!

I finally got Netflix working on my tab. Yay. Well, since 20 days ago. =D I’d like to share it here how I am able to watch my favorite tv shows and movies on Netflix.

1. Since Netflix is not available in my country, I just googled a download ready app and have it installed on my Android tablet.

2. You may want to download a VPN to be able to access Netflix (US). I personally prefer TUNNELBEAR since they give you 500MB/month and have a chance to avail their 1GB promo (once a month) by just sending a simple tweet.

You’ll see a keylock sign at the top of your screen. It means you’re connected to a US server. Notice the unlimited sign on my Tunnelbear. It’s because 1.5GB/mo isn’t enough for a movie buff like me. ;)

3. Once you’re connected to a US server via Tunnelbear, open your Netflix and BOOM! Baby! Start your movie/tv show marathon. =D Just make sure you have a decent internet connection. AWESOMESAUCE.

QUESTION: How to register a Netflix account outside US?

Here’s what I did:

- I downloaded Tunnelbear for Windows, installed it, registered and connected to a US server.

- Open Google Chrome, check your IP ADD if it’s in US. If it is, then go to NETFLIX.COM. Register. The thing here is that, you need an American Express card (Use GLOBE AMEX if you have) or a US PayPal account (Again, use GLOBE AMEX to verify your PayPal) for verification. That’s it! You are now registered for a 1 month FREE TRIAL. HURRAH!

NOTE 1:: Just make sure to always connect to your Tunnelbear whenever you want to watch on Netflix. Now if 500MB or 1.5GB isn’t enough, you can always go for their premium for as low as $2.99 or PHP120/month.

NOTE 2:: Also, make sure to CANCEL your FREE 1 MONTH TRIAL on NETFLIX DAYS BEFORE the actual end of subscription to avoid automatic charge of $7.99/month. =)

OMG! The Maze Runner (2014)

Can I just say how freaking excited I am for this movie?!? OHYEAHHH BABY! I am so thrilled when I learned they’re gonna make a movie out of this AMAZING book series, The Maze Runner. I think I already blogged about it here or on my previous book blog (RIP). But anyway, I highly recommend the books! It’s one of my favorite that kept me awake all night for days.

Can I just comment that I pictured Minho different from the movie. Nevertheless, I’m still excited to watch this on the big screen!

NOTE: NO, it’s not Hunger Games look-a-like. I assure you all. I’m a big fan of HG, and these two trilogies are way, way different. If I were you, GO READ THE BOOKS! =)


Any Cute ASUS Memo Pad Cover?

Finally bought a cover for my ASUS tablet. It just sucks because I really want the Persona flip cover for ASUS but it’s too expensive. So, I opt for this cheap one I found at SM Cyberzone. It’s just PHP190 and good for 7-inch tablets. The only thing that’s not good about this is the missing camera hole. So if I want to take a photo using my tab, I still need to remove it from my cover.

Overall, it’s okay. I’m still aiming for that Persona flip cover for ASUS Memo Pad. =D Or any cover made for MEMO PAD that’s CUTE!

Love Is An Open Door ♥

Am I the only one here who haven’t seen FROZEN yet?! Gah. I have a copy here already but still not in the mood to watch it. What is it with me?! I’m a freaking DISNEY BABY!!

Anyway, have you guys watched this viral video on Youtube already? All I can say is, THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! I want someone like that who I can be all nerdy with. Teehee~

Unionbank EON + Globe GCASH AMEX

So I blogged about this a couple of days ago, about how I registered for Globe’s GCASH Amex. Since I wanted to transfer some of my funds from my EON to my GCASH without going to the Globe store, I called up UNIONBANK to have my eMoney Xchange activated. Unfortunately, since I’m using my mom’s EON card and I registered my Gcash using MY mobile number, the agent I talked to told me that it’s not possible.

I was like…

Anyway, I guess I have to get another EON card probably by next week. I need to buy something online and that’s only possible using a AMEX.

Missing The Guitar Love

My friend and I were talking earlier about her passion for guitar. She even played a couple of cover songs on Youtube and she was really good. I’d love to share it here, but she said she’s not ready yet to share it to the public. Soon, maybe.

I realized how I badly missed playing the guitar. I have so many songs I want to play for him, but I couldn’t since I have no guitar yet. I could play it by piano, but that’ll take me weeks to practice since I can only do it at my Grandparents’ place. =/

Anyway, I told her about this online store I know that caters to musical instruments and that includes the one she wants the most which is an excellent jazz guitar that are sold both in brand new or used ones.

Boldloft: Cutesy His & Her Gift Ideas ♥

Package finally arrived. LOL. Thanks to my dearest super duper old friend in New Jersey. Without you my friend, this wouldn’t have happened. :p

If you’re in a Long Distance Relationship and is looking for a great online store that features LDR thingamajigs, I highly recommend BOLDLOFT.COM :) They have all sorts of cutesy gifts for your love ones particularly for couples and LDR. I wanted the coffee mugs at first, but then I realized, he always brought with him his pillow to his work, so… I decided to just get those cutesy LDR pillowcases instead. ;)

Shocking Mugshots Of Drug Addicts (Before & After)

Drug addiction is something not be taken lightly. It can destroy a beautiful life by being addicted to it. This reminds me of this post I read on facebook where mugshots of people are compared to their before normal life to after using drugs in just a span of months to years.

Those photos are just two of so many mugshots I saw on Facebook/Dailymail. Tsk.

See how devastating drug addiction can do to you? I just really don’t understand why people would do such a thing. Anyway, if you know someone who’s suffering from drug addiction and is looking for a way out, you might want to check out dr thomas yee. Let me just tell you that I’m not recommending him, no, but you can find most of his works on Rapid Detox Las Vegas online site. You can also read some patient feedback, the cost and financing, etc. if you decided to have a treatment there.

To end this post, here’s a quote I got from Goodreads.

Here is the solution to the American drug problem suggested a couple years back by the wife of our President: “Just say no.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, Bluebeard