Overthinking Kills

OMG. Okay, I know it’s been days since I blogged here! It’s just that I have a lot of *ehem* unnecessary things going on with me. Well, most of it I spent over-thinking things I shouldn’t even think about in the first place. Well, it’s not a surprise since my anxiety is heightened lately for some odd reason.

Anyway, I changed my host. =( I’m sure gonna miss my old host since Nadine is very accommodating and patient. I’ll probably go back to her once I’m clear with all my money related issues. In the meantime, I’m gonna have to stay here for a while.

Oh and I have yet to change my theme here. I think it’s over a year now since I last changed. LOL.


HIMYM: Loving Lily and Marshall

I wonder why I didn’t watched this earlier. =/ Well, it’s in my “to-watch-tv-series” list, but because I’m always bound to watch my other favorite series first, HIMYM kinda took a back seat alongside Big Bang Theory. And so since I’m trying to keep my mind busy, I decided to get started with How I Met Your Mother. Hurrah!

So far, I’m loving Lily and Marshall’s relationship (Yeah, I’m on S01E13. I’m slow, I know). I mean, they’re so sweet to each other despite their 9 freaking years in a relationship.

Awww.. I adore them both! ♥

I wish I can finish Season 1 soon. In fact, I hope I can finish all before the month ends and see what happens to their lives (especially that of TED). And then I can finally continue watching Big Bang Theory. =D

Happy 10th The Notebook!

For me, this is one of the touching and sweet thing Noah ever said to Allie. Just imagine someone special in your life says something like that to you. ♥

Anyway, Happy 10th Anniversary, The Notebook! This film will always remain as one of my favorite touching and romantic movie of all time (and a personal favorite because he and I watched this together).


Holy cow. One of the best cover of One Last Cry by Brian McKnight. Can’t help but rape the replay button over and over! Gosh. This video makes me want to learn how to play One Last Cry! Well, NO, I WILL LEARN HOW TO PLAY THIS ON THE PIANO SOON! I SWEAR! Such a heartbreaking and yet lovely song.

It’s too bad she didn’t make it. She has a lot of potential. There’s this one contestant too that’s really good. Check her video below.

I Gave In: The Fault In Our Stars

image from youthopia.in

My gosh, everyone I know are talking about The Fault In Our Stars. I’m a self confessed bookworm, but I’m really not a fan of reading YA romantic novels. I think I only read 3 books that’s in similar with TFIOS, and one of which is the famous A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks.

But anyway, since I’m loving the soundtrack of the film (currently listening to it while typing this), I thought why not read a YA romantic novel again? It’s been a while since I read one. Note: I still haven’t seen the movie.

It’s funny how I try to stay away from spoilers on Facebook and Twitter as much as possible. It’s freaking everywhere! LOL.

So to all of you fans of the book, you win.

Oh Where Do We Begin? The Rubble Or Our Sins?

Bloody brilliant! Why did I just found out about this song? I hate myself for that. The song describes exactly what I feel. About myself. Damn you Bastille for making a genius lyrics!

DAAAAAMMMNNNNNN. This song is on repeat for hours now! As if Bastille specifically wrote this song for me. LOL. But in all seriousness, it’s like me, stuck in a monotonous life and getting nowhere. Nothing is happening. And even if I want to be positive, sometimes I couldn’t help but think otherwise.

There are so many interpretations I read on SongMeanings, but here’s one I like most.

“Pompeii is used as a metaphor to describe somebody standing still, looking out as their life falls apart and swallows them whole. One day they stop and look out at their life realizing that it’s not what they had always dreamed about. They’ve been stuck in this monotonous, never-changing life that doesn’t live up to what they’d hoped. And now in this realization, they start to lose that optimism that kept them going before of being something more.”

I Don’t Understand Me

I am feeling lonely for the past couple of days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m seriously happy he got that job and I’m so proud of him. But lately, I feel like I’m alone. I sincerely hope this isn’t my anxiety kicking in, coz I’m tired of over thinking things.

I guess, I feel he’ll not be able to juggle between his job and our relationship. See, from what I gather, he’s not that good in multitasking. If he wants to attain something, he’ll drop whatever he needs to drop to reach his goal. And I’m afraid that I feel I’m just one of the options he can drop any time. I can’t talk to him about this because I’m pretty sure he’ll find this as me being needy.

When you’re the less busy one in the relationship, you’ll find yourself missing your partner a lot. Most people will advice you to find a hobby or interest that will put your mind off of him. It works in some ways, but not all the time, especially in long distance relationships. There is something I can’t pin point that’s missing.. reassurance maybe? I know it’s stupid. But with what’s happening and what I’m feeling, it’s something I badly want to hear from him.

Happy 9th to us yesterday ~

29th Year

Wow. 2 more years and I’m out of the calendar — unmarried, no kids, no decent job, and best of all, still me. Sucks to be me right? Suffering from SA, AvP and AP — So unfortunate. Ah well, this is life. I’ve already come to terms that I’ll probably grow old without someone. Or well, if I get lucky, he’ll be the one. LOL.

Happy 29th to me!

Anyway, I already have given some thoughts about my other not-so-new domain. Maybe this coming week I’ll be able to put it online or whatever. I really liked the domain and it really suits me most.

Disney Housewives, Yes?

Here’s another SNL skit which I’m pretty sure you all Disney babies out there will find it hilarious as I did.

I just love Kristen Wiig as Cinderella. She’s really funny in this. I wish this reality show is actually true. I’ll definitely watch it. =D

Here’s some good advice, never marry a guy who’s into shoes.” – Cinderella

And He Has Left The Building

Oh hell no! Okay, first of all, if you still haven’t seen the Season 10 of CSI, don’t read ahead. You’ll be spoiled. I tell you.

ANYWAY, I’m just sad and shocked that Jim Brass has left CSI in the last episode of Season 10. =( I wasn’t prepared! I didn’t even know about it until I read the wiki episodes and it says that it’s Paul Guilfoyle’s last appearance. Seriously! He is funny. I find his comments smart and witty. I read that the producers decided to write his character off the storyline and it was only a week before the 15th season announcement that Paul Guilfoyle found out about it. I wonder who’s gonna replace him. He will be surely missed. =(